about us

Over 35 years of unforgettable moments – where every event is an experience to remember!


Our vision at Villa Capri is to offer guests a unique and unforgettable experience. We strive to create a picturesque event space and have assembled a team of Hong Kong chefs who are experienced and skilled in Asian cuisines with both Chinese and Vietnamese influences. Located in the heart of South-Western Sydney, Villa Capri has undergone significant transformations for over 35 years and is now situated within a diverse community with a rich cultural heritage in Cabramatta.

As a part of the Barluck family, Villa Capri continues the tradition of providing high-quality food that has been a hallmark of the family since 1985. We are dedicated to excellence and take pride in upholding the family legacy in Cabramatta by offering authentic Asian dishes. With decades of culinary experience and a storied history, we are confident that your guests will be impressed by the remarkable level of taste and expertise we bring to the celebratory dining experience.

Our Story

VILLA CAPRI’s humble beginnings in the 1990s was founded by the BARLUCK family, originally in Canley Heights. Together with a local Italian who became a cherished member of the family, we established the original event space in Sydney’s South-West under the name VILLA CAPRI RECEPTION.

In the early 2000s, our family made a significant move to the vibrant heart of Cabramatta. During this time, we bid farewell to our retiring partner, marking a new chapter in our journey. However, our commitment to the local communities remained unwavering as we continued to organise weddings and celebrations in Cabramatta.

Through these events, we have had the privilege of sharing our family’s rich history and heritage, which we consider a precious legacy. Across generations, we have proudly served authentic and traditional Asian cuisine, ensuring that the essence of our culture is passed on.

Having embarked on this celebratory journey for over 35 years, our family’s legacy has grown and evolved. Today, we continue the legacy and stand proud as the owners of VILLA CAPRI Venue, a modern and picturesque space that embodies our commitment to providing exceptional experiences. With open arms, we welcome future generations to celebrate their special moments with us, promising to carry forward our family’s legacy of joy and tradition.

I can’t speak highly enough of Vicky, she was tentative, patient, flexible and always came with a smile.

Peter Gnov
Having a such hospitable and efficient hostess to help us plan our event, made the whole process run super smoothly.”
Honey Tea

Our wedding at Villa Capri was amazing, the venue looked perfect, the food was delicious and the staff were fantastic!

Michelle Chong